Pearl Wings Necklace with Pink Sapphire Briolette | Antique Pin Conversion Necklace | Wings Necklace | Seed Pearl Necklace | 14k Necklace
Man in the Moon Necklace | Carved Moonstone Face with Diamond & Ruby Crescent | Antique Pin Conversion
Pansy Charm | Purple Enamel Pansy Pendant | 14k Gold Flower Pendant | Pin Conversion
Butterfly Necklace | 14k Gold Butterfly | Antique Butterfly Necklace | Pin Conversion
14k Gold Winged Necklace | Antique Pin Conversion Necklace | 14k Gold Enamel Wings Necklace | Winged Necklace
Wishbone Necklace | Antique Flower Necklace | Sweet Pea Necklace | Pin Conversion Necklace | Gold Necklace