Lizard Pendant with Clover | Vintage Pin Conversion | 14k Gold Pendant on Optional 14k Chain | Lizard Necklace | Unique Jewelry
14k Gold Enamel Flower Pendant Necklace | Antique Pin Conversion Necklace | Flower Necklace | 14k Gold Necklace | Enamel Necklace
Pearl Wings Necklace with Pink Sapphire Briolette | Antique Pin Conversion Necklace | Wings Necklace | Seed Pearl Necklace | 14k Necklace
Silver Butterfly Necklace | Antique Clip Conversion Necklace | Turquoise and Pearl Butterfly Necklace | Turquoise Necklace
Silver Flower Necklace | Pink Rose Necklace | Antique Pin Conversion | Black Enamel Necklace | Sterling Silver Necklace | Rose Necklace
Art Nouveau Gold Flower Necklace | 10k and 14k Gold Statement Necklace | Antique Pin Conversion Necklace | Unique Statement Necklace
Silver Butterfly Necklace | Conversion Necklace | Turquoise Glass and Simulated Pearl Necklace | Silver Necklace
Locket Necklace | Antique Turquoise & Pearl Locket Necklace | Pin Conversion Necklace | 14k Gold Necklace
Vintage Enamel Bird Necklace | Vintage Pin Conversion | 18k Gold Bird on 9ct Gold Chain | Bird Necklace with Diamond and Pearl Accents