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May 05, 2014 2 min read

Have you ever tried on a dress that looked amazing on the rack only to discover that it looked horrible on?  Perhaps it was the wrong color, the wrong fit, the wrong look.  Well, selecting the perfect antique & vintage ring can be equally challenging, so we’d like to make it a bit easier for you by providing some helpful tips and tricks for finding the perfect ring .

First, select a ring that suits your personality.  Would you describe yourself as feminine and flirty, bold and dramatic, laid back and artistic, fun-loving, or timelessly elegant?  

Here are a few examples:


Rings for your personality type


Next, select colors and materials that work with your skin tone.  Cool skin tones with pink undertones look best against white metals including silver, white gold, and platinum.  Warm skin tones with yellow undertones should generally select golden or copper toned rings.  Cool skin tones favor gemstones with pink, purple, red, or blue colors, while warm skin tones look beautiful with brown, orange, turquoise, coral, and green.


Ring selections based on skin tones


Third, select a ring that compliments the shape of your fingers.  Individuals with shorter fingers benefit from rings with open shanks that take up space on the fingers.  These individuals also look great with vertical oval or rectangular rings which give the appearance of an elongated finger.  

Those with long and slender fingers can benefit from rings with narrow bands and delicate filigree.  These types of rings do not overwhelm dainty fingers and help them appear wider.


Selecting a ring that complements your finger shape


Individuals with wide fingers or those with large knuckles should consider asymmetrical designs, cluster rings, or several stackable rings.  These ring designs provide the illusion of a thinner finger and draw attention away from the knuckles.

Selecting a ring that complements your finger shape


A good general rule of thumb is that smaller, more dainty rings look best on smaller, petite hands, while larger hands with wider fingers  benefit from chunky and large rings.

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