Trademark Antiques Ltd. is an online retailer of fine antique and vintage jewelry with offices in Lewisburg, PA.  A family-owned business in operation since 2008, Trademark Antiques strives to provide only the highest quality antique and vintage jewelry to our customers.  We specialize Victorian and Art Nouveau era jewelry, but also carry significant inventory from earlier and later periods including the Georgian, Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, and Art Deco eras. 

Each item sold by our store has been carefully selected by our owners for its uniqueness, exceptional workmanship, or storied past.  One of the things we love most about antique and vintage jewelry is that it connects us with our past and invites conversation about a different time and place.

Trademark Antiques is owned by husband and wife team Jessica Sitko and Jason Lazorcik.  Jessica is a second generation precious metals dealer and lifelong antique enthusiast with a passion for antique and vintage jewelry.  Trademark Antiques is a second career for Jessica, a lawyer, who spent a decade working in the fields of health law, policy, and legislation in Washington, DC.  Jessica is Trademark’s director of business operations and purchasing decisions.  She is also the lead writer and researcher.  Jason is Trademark’s director of on-line operations, photographer, and resident gemologist.  Jason, a chemist and chemical engineer by training, also has a background in materials science and patent law.  It was Jason’s background in chemistry that sparked his passion for gemology and he uses his many talents to run TMA’s in-house gemological laboratory and photo studio.  He also uses his extensive understanding of patent search tools to assist with accurately period dating jewelry. 

In addition to selling jewelry on our website, we also sell jewelry via the on-line marketplace and