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Amethyst Pendant | 14k Gold Amethyst Demantoid Garnet & Pearl Pendant

This marvelous pendant tells the story of women around the turn of the 20th century fighting for their right to vote. It was a powerful time in our country's history, and these female trailblazers paved the way for many great things to come.

Jewelry in the colors of the women's suffrage movement was mass produced during this time period and worn by women who wished to wear their support for the cause. The amethyst, demantoid garnets, and white pearls were selected because their colors conveyed meaning-- the Green (Give), White (Women), and the Violet (the Vote).

This elegant pendant by the Carrington & Company of Newark, NJ is marked for 14k gold measures 1.2 inches from top to bottom by 0.8 inches wide. It is in very good condition.

Materials: Amethyst, Gold.