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Antique Silver & Agate Fob or Pendant, Victorian Horse Rider Fob with Carved Intaglio

A beautiful antique sterling silver horse & rider watch fob with carved agate intaglio seal!

All proper Victorian gentlemen carried pocket watches that hung from ribbons or chains attached to their waistbands, and these treasured timepieces were often weighted down with highly decorative fobs or seals. Fobs and seals provided a way for Victorian men to express their individuality, and it was not uncommon for them to wear several on their watch chains.

Although pocket watches are a thing of the past, fobs and seals are still quite fashionably worn today as pendants or charms. They are also highly desired among collectors of antique jewelry and pocket watches.

This finely wrought fob features a top hat wearing gentleman on horseback. The carved agate seal has an intaglio coat of arms depicting two rats on either side of a castle below a flower. Under extremely close inspection, you can still see residual wax from the days when this piece was used as a seal.

This fob is unmarked, but acid tests for sterling silver. It is 1.3 inches long by 0.66 inches wide. The overall condition is excellent; however, there is a very tiny chip out of the top of the crest on the seal (as depicted in the photographs).

Materials: silver, sterling silver, agate, stone.