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December 13, 2021 3 min read

     Christmas is almost here, and you haven’t bought a gift yet! Then you have a brilliant idea: you could buy her a piece of jewelry. *sigh of relief*  *gasp!* But you don’t know how to buy jewelry! Take a breath, we’ve got your back. We’ve made a quick guide to buying jewelry for your girl. Mom, wife, sister, girlfriend - it applies to everyone! 




  First off would be to decide what kind of jewelry to get her. Our top three styles are rings, earrings, and necklaces but there are other types you could consider too. Step one, pay attention to what she already wears. Does she always have a collection of rings on? Change her earrings everyday? (Maybe make sure she has her ears pierced before buying her earrings ... just a thought) And if she doesn’t wear much jewelry, maybe this wasn’t such a brilliant idea, but we’ll run with it anyways.




   We’re still considering what she wears, but this time think of the sizes. Does she wear big flashy rings that everyone can see from any corner of the room? Or maybe a dainty necklace chain with a small, simple charm? Whatever she wears probably reflects a bit of her personality as well. Is she humble and shy, or a go-getter and the center of attention? Don’t hold me to that though, it’s not always true. 




   There are two parts to this category: gems and metals. Let’s start with metals. For the most part, you only have to choose between gold or silver. There are more metals out there, but most of them will land somewhere within those two colors. Look again at what she already wears. Is it mostly gold or a lot of silver?



   The second part is the gem, or other element of color. What’s her favorite color? You won’t always find a gemstone that matches, but it never hurts to look. If she doesn’t have a favorite, or you can’t find a gem in that color, how about her birthstone? Some months have more than one birthstone, so you should have plenty of options.




   If you wanted to look less at matching her taste and more at matching her personality, that works too! Does she have a favorite animal? What does she do in her free time? Or as her career? Find something she loves and look into that. Charms are a great option and can be used on a bracelet or a chain as a necklace, so you give her the option of personal preference. 


K I S S:


   If you’re thinking ‘This is too stressful. I just need you to tell me exactly what to get her’, then here it is. Gold. Pearls. Diamonds. These are all classics that most women appreciate. Keep It Simple Sweetheart! You don’t have to worry over what perfect piece matches her taste in jewelry or her personality. I’m sure she’ll forgive you if you just bought her something pretty. Try and stick to elegant and basic designs, just because not all women like big and gaudy. And if she loves you, she’ll love whatever you get her.


   We certainly hope this little cheat sheet helped, and if not ... well ... I’m sorry. We tried. If all else fails, talk to someone she’s close to and maybe they can give you a better idea. Otherwise, happy shopping and we’re wishing you the best of luck!





Modeling - Ashlee Papada @ashleeeespinelli

Photography - Kelsey Musser

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