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November 15, 2021 2 min read

   As the seasons change, so do trends. I think we all know just how quickly they can change, too. It’s always great to be on point with what’s what, so we’ve compiled a quick list of jewelry trends for this upcoming winter!


1. Chandelier Earrings

   Chandelier earrings are dangle earrings that are often long and elaborate. They can be wide and layered, with lots of gemstones and stunning regality. I would consider these the show stoppers of the earring department. Definitely pieces that will turn heads and drop jaws!


2. Chunky Gold

   What can be better than big, bold gold? Like most things, the bigger the better! Pieces with thick chains or wide links. The rings that stand out. The bracelets that give you muscles.  Gold is something that has planted it’s feet in the ground of’s not going anywhere.


3. Charms

       What can’t you do with charms? You can attach a charm to a necklace as a pendant, or assemble a bracelet with a collection of them. There are small charms, big charms, cute charms, dark charms, abstract charms, figural charms, and charms for every mood you could possibly have (and let’s be honest, there’s a lot). Charm jewelry is something you can customize for every day of the week, making it unique to you!


4. Pearls

  Pearls are a timeless classic, so I’m not surprised they made it on the list. These elegant gemstones have been used in jewelry for centuries and probably will for centuries to come. You just can’t go wrong with a pearl piece. Not to mention they go with pretty much anything! Day in the office? Pearls. Wedding? Pearls. Looking cute just because? Pearls!


5. Lariat Necklaces

  Lariat necklaces are chains that come together in a Y shape with a long, single chain falling from the neck. They can hold a pendant or stand alone. They can be worn like a standard necklace, or backwards for those stunning backless tops and dresses. Multi-purpose piece for all your fashion needs? Sign me up!


   Whether you love antique elegance or you're sticking with the new stuff, these jewelry trends can apply to whatever piece of shine you desire. But you can also broaden your horizons and try something out of the box. You never know what will make the next season’s trends!





Modeling - Ashlee Papada @ashleeeespinelli

Photography - Kelsey Musser