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March 03, 2022 2 min read

    Brooches are coming back! Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe this is the first you’re hearing of it, but it’s the truth! From influential celebrities to the people you pass on the street, pins are making a dramatic comeback and we couldn’t be more excited! But other than on your lapel, how should you style your brooch? Are there more ways to make a statement? Absolutely! Here are five ways you can wear your pins that will encourage you to think outside the box.



    Whether it’s a knit beanie in the winter or a wide sun hat in the summer, there’s always a reason to wear a hat, so why not dress it up? Bigger brooches draw more attention and look better proportionally, but you could also cluster a number of smaller pins. Most brooches will work at the base of the crown, or if there’s a band, pin it along there. We would recommend off-centering it, placing it on your good side, but if you’d prefer to put it in the middle of your hat, that works too! There’s no right or wrong answer!



    If you have a piece you absolutely love but you’d rather not put holes in anything, you could attach a chain to either side and wear it as a necklace. This works great for wide pieces and on watch chains or necklaces with two clasps. Here at TMA, we offer brooch adapters that include bails and slide onto the pin, allowing it to be worn as a pendant on any chain. Even add one to a velvet ribbon and tie it around your neck, be creative!



    How many of us carry purses, backpacks, wallets or laptop bags? Pretty much all of us, right? Add a little glam to the everyday by attaching a pin or two! Put it subtly off in the corner or give it prominence by sticking it somewhere everyone can admire. Use one stunning brooch or change it up and switch it out each week to keep things fresh!



    Create a clasp or the illusion of a pendant by pinning your brooch to your collar. It can be used to pull your cardigan together or at the neckline of your favorite sweater. You could cover the top button of your blouse or add matching pieces to either side of your collar. The lapel doesn’t have to be the only part of your top to show off a good pin!



    From warm winter scarves to beautiful accent scarves, add some elegance with a brooch! For silky and light scarves, bring the fabric together and use the pin as a fastener (be careful not to pin the material - a heavy brooch will tear light fabric). For thick scarves or shawls, style the material and then find the perfect spot to add a piece of shine!


    Brooches on lapels are beautiful, but there are so many more options out there! Don’t let this list keep you from discovering new ways to wear pins as well. Think outside the box and help us bring back the brooch!



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