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February 05, 2022 3 min read

We all know the iconic symbols of Valentine's Day: hearts, roses and chocolates. But what if we looked back a bit in time at how people expressed their affection in centuries past through jewelry? This blog highlights some less often considered romantic jewel themes.

Forget Me Not:


The forget-me not flower is a wildly sentimental option for those looking to take their love story beyond the traditional rose. These tiny flowers represent remembrance and an everlasting bond, which makes them perfect as decoration on keepsake jewelry.  In the early 1900s forget-me-nots were often worn as brooches or stick pins on clothes to remind lovers of their devotion from afar with just one look at these delicate flowers! 




Love is in the air when it comes to birds.  During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, women wore swallow jewelry as a reminder of faithfulness in love or a wish for a loved one to return home safely, as swallows are known to return to their nests each spring.   And don't forget how ancient Greece associated winged messengers with its goddess Aphrodite: she is often depicted riding atop an elegant swan as she flies above our world. 





A circle has no beginning or end, which makes it a perfect symbol for eternal, never-ending love!  Circular jewelry can also serve as a reminder that we should live our lives with wholeness and balance.  The ouroboros (a circular representation of a snake eating its own tail) is another symbol of eternity and infinite love dating back thousands of years.   





Maybe bring a touch of classical mythology to your Valentine's Day with a jewel depicting a cherub or Cupid!  This little love god is the perfect way to celebrate your affection. Cupid is the Roman god of desire and affection, and the son of Venus, the goddess of love. He was adopted as a mascot for Valentines in the 19th century and has since come to represent love and purity.





What could be more romantic than a honeymoon pin? These beautiful tokens of affection were often given by lovers in the 19th and 20th centuries as a symbol of their love. The pins feature a flower (Honey) and crescent (Moon), both with deep meanings. The flowers on the pieces also carried additional meanings like violets for truth and loyalty, clover for good fortune, or forget-me-nots.



Love Knot:


Representing the strongest of ties, love knot jewelry is a symbol of everlasting love. The term "love knot" has ties to a wedding ritual (thus the term "tying the knot") where the marrying couple was actually bound together with a knot during the ceremony as a symbol of an unbreakable pledge to one another. These days, wearers of love knot jewelry use love knots as a symbol of their own eternal commitment. 






Looking for a beautiful way to show your love? Look no further than pansies! These delicate flowers come in a rainbow of colors, each with their own special message.  In Victorian times, pansies were considered the general messengers of love and admiration, and since the flowers come in many colors, each color had a secondary message like purity, honesty, hope, passion and happiness. 



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